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Q:   Why do you say it's a free tour if you charge money?

A:   The Basic Walking Tour itself is free. You do not have to tip if you don't want to. We only charge a €3 fee so we can book your reservation in the system. You pay to reserve your place, otherwise we would not know the volume of participants, and people would be forced to leave if the crowd became too large. None of the money from the booking fee goes to your guide, it goes to pay for the booking program. 

Q:    Is there a lot of walking? 

A:    Yes, there is a lot of walking. Both the Free Walking Tour, and the Drinks & Tapas Tour consists of approximately 2-3 miles of walking. We highly recommend you bring something to keep you hydrated. It is also important to know that on the above mentioned tours, there is little to no AC.

Q:   Why do you have to be 18 to participate in the Drinks & Tapas Tour?

A:   The legal drinking age in Spain is 18. If you are caught drinking in a bar underage, you will be fined, or worse. The same would happen to your guide for bringing you in to that bar. If you are a parent or guardian who plans to accompany a minor, please contact us at, or just go to our contact page.



Q:   Why wouldn't I receive a refund if I lied about my age to go on the Drinks & Tapas Tour?

A:   Seriously? 


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